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Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting us here at Marriage Advice Online – I hope you will find the help and advice you are looking for.

My name is Liam, I’m a thirty-something(the lower end, for now!) that lives in Cumbria, England  and am married to Anna. We married in June 2002, and have an 8 year old son. During our time together, we have been through all the ups and downs marriage brings. In fact, you could even say we had things harder than most because we met online(not ashamed to admit it!) and one of us(Anna) moved from the USA to the UK. We were very young too(22 and 20). Adjusting to married life was a big challenge for us, not to mention adjusting to being parents. The experience and knowledge we gained was invaluable though. Not only that, but we have observed other married couples around us for years and have taken note of how they approach their marriages, and how this affects them.

We are passionate supporters of the family unit, and feel a happy marriage and a happy household is greatly beneficial for society. Unfortunately, so many marriages and households are breaking up. The divorce rate is at its highest ever, and the media is often cheapening  marriage and long term relationships. I am an enthusiastic writer, so I wanted to try doing something help to make a difference. It might only be a very small one in the scheme of things, but if I can help to improve/save even just a few marriages, I will be happy. I hope yours will be one of them.

The vast majority of the info on the site is based on my own experiences, not just what I think will be helpful. As you’ll see, my approach to things is actually quite simple – these simple concepts have helped my own marriage last 10 years and counting. I certainly don’t think my advice and opinions are always ‘correct’, but rather what has worked for us. Marriage can be a complicated thing, but I always feel that things should be simplified as much as possible. You’ll see what I mean as you read through the articles on the site.

To get around, you can simply(I love keeping things simple ;) ) click the article titles on the right hand side, or click the ‘home’ button at the top and get to them like that.

I am a proud affiliate of Save My Marriage Today, and a few other products I may recommend from time to time. If you buy any of these products from a link on the site, I’ll earn a commission. You pay exactly the same price buying through my links, and this commission helps with hosting and website maintenance.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. More importantly though, I hope as a result of finding the site, your marriage will be transformed and your home will be one full of happiness and wonderful memories for many years to come.



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