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What Lurks Beneath The Carpet In Your Marriage? How Removing It Could Lead To a Much Improved Relationship

Stressed woman holding a brushMaybe you prefer to call it ‘sweeping things under the rug’. Whichever one you prefer, this is something that is often prevalent in a failing marriage. But why is this? Is it just because it’s easier that way? Or is it because it’s actually the best thing for a marriage?

What lurks beneath your carpet(or rug if you prefer)? What does that elephant that rudely appears in the room from time to time represent? That can of worms that never gets opened? Here’s the thing – what if this issue was brought to the fore and could pave the way for the marriage to get better?… Read more

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Good Communication Is The Key To a Loving, Trusting Marriage

Happy married coupleTrust and good communication are two of the most important aspects of a successful marriage. In fact, it could be said that you can’t have one without the other. Without these things, marriage can be an uphill battle. There can be niggling doubts in the back of your mind about your spouse. Where are they? What are they doing? Similarly, you can also wonder if what they say to you when you talk to each other is true and that they are being honest about your relationship. And because there is a lack of good communication, you may find it difficult to express yourself properly to them.… Read more

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Help Me Save My Marriage – 4 Vital Steps To Bring The Happiness Back

4 steps to bring the happiness back

Admitting there is a problem is the beginning. Just by doing this, you have immediately created the possibility of fixing things. Things haven’t been going well between you and your spouse recently and you have decided that enough is enough. Well done for being honest with yourself. It might sound silly, but so many people find it so difficult just to do this.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could walk up to someone, say to them “Help me save my marriage” and they handed you a key and it was magically fixed? In your case, you have maybe looked online to see if the help is there for you.… Read more

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Husband Says He Is Unhappy, What To Do?

This husband has the weight of the world on his shoulders

Most wives would immediately feel upset and disappointed when their husband declares that he is unhappy. As someone that has been on the receiving end of this admission, you are probably no different. In actual fact though, this can be a positive thing. Why? Because he has been honest with you.

It’s much more worrying, and far more difficult to overcome problems when one(or both) of a couple pretend things are OK and keep going through each day not facing up to the actual reality of the situation. At a quick guess, I’d say 60-70% of married couples go through the motions without facing up to the truth, at least for a while – so being in the other 30-40% certainly isn’t a bad thing.… Read more

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How To Have A Happy Marriage – The Question Everyone Would Like Answered

Sunshine emerges from behind a cloudEvery single person who is married(especially those seeking marriage advice) and is encountering problems and unhappiness wants an answer to the ultimate question of how to have a happy marriage. Of course, there isn’t an easy answer to the question. In fact, there isn’t a definitive answer to it – just opinions. Everybody who does indeed live in a happy and successful marriage, has their own idea about what contributes to it being the way it is. By the same token, the many people all over the world who live in an unhappy marriage have their own ideas about why their relationship is in the state it is in.… Read more

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Marriage Advice For Newlyweds

Wedding day - the beginning of married life

The general consensus among society seems to be that newlyweds are pretty much all blissfully happy, enjoying their newly formed union. It’s also often thought that this ‘honeymoon period’ is only temporary, and in actual fact is somewhat exaggerated and candy coated.

I must confess, when I think of newlyweds, I think of a starry eyed young couple, madly in love and so wrapped up in one another that they feel invincible and almost oblivious to the rest of the world. Or maybe that was just my own experience.

Maybe some of you even think of Jessica Simpson(don’t be embarrassed!) and Nick Lachey when you hear the term ‘newlyweds’ – they had a hit reality show on MTV documenting their first year(and beyond) of married life.… Read more

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Free Marriage Advice Can Be Every Bit As Good As Its Paid Equivalent

Free vs paidIt’s interesting to consider that a fairly large percentage of couples that are going through problems in their marriage either stay stuck in a rut that can last weeks, months and even years, or they book paid counseling sessions. We are certainly not against counseling, we just think it can be an expensive route with no guarantees.

As we’ve mentioned before, the average counseling session in America today costs $95. That is a lot of money to a lot of couples, particularly those with kids.

Our own opinion is that both free and paid advice can be equally effective – it all depends on the couple.… Read more

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Money Problems In Your Marriage? How To Tackle Them

Man shows his empty pocketsIn the current financial climate, many are struggling. The cost of living is rising, the number of jobs available is decreasing and money problems in marriage are more common than ever. If things aren’t going well, financial worries will only make things worse because it adds pressure to your relationship.

It could be that one of you makes more money than the other. When things are at a stretch, the other person may feel guilty or even inadequate because they aren’t contributing more. Some couples share their finances, both practically speaking and verbally speaking, others keep them separate and allocate their individual income for specific purposes such as bills, grocery shopping etc.… Read more

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No Physical Intimacy – What To Do To Reignite The Fire

No Physical Intimacy?

Unfortunately, most unhappy marriages have one thing in common – there is little to no physical intimacy. To enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life, you generally have to be happy and secure in your relationship.

Many people make the mistake of thinking just because they are human beings and sex is something that is a physical ‘need’, it will naturally happen regularly when they are in a long term relationship. Like your marriage itself, this department is something that needs to be nurtured and not neglected.

How often do you and your spouse enjoy physical intimacy with each other?… Read more

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How Important Is Trust In a Marriage?

Trust In a Marriage Is VitalTrust is one of the key factors of a successful and happy marriage. If it isn’t present, then you’re facing an uphill battle. It’s fair to say it’s the backbone of marriage. When you are sharing your life, your home, your dreams and your aspirations with somebody you should be able to have complete trust in them. You shouldn’t be worried about what they are thinking, where they are, who they are with etc etc.

Do you have complete trust in your spouse? If the answer is no, you need to figure out exactly why. Here’s some questions to ask yourself:-

Are they sometimes dishonest with you?Read more

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