Can You Save Your Marriage Alone? Why It’s Not As Out Of The Question As You Might Think

Couple at warIt takes two to tango. One person can ruin a marriage, but can just one person save a failing marriage? On the surface, that probably seems like a bit of a ridiculous question as a relationship is traditionally successful because both partners are committed to it and contribute to it as opposed to contaminate it. (Hat-tip to Dr. Phil for the whole contribute/contaminate thing – I’m a fan). With that said, it’s often the case that the marriage-saving ball is started rolling by one half of the couple in question.

Being disillusioned, emotionally-drained and downright frustrated is an extremely lonely place to be.… Read more

Help Me Save My Marriage – 4 Vital Steps To Bring The Happiness Back

4 steps to bring the happiness back

Admitting there is a problem is the beginning. Just by doing this, you have immediately created the possibility of fixing things. Things haven’t been going well between you and your spouse recently and you have decided that enough is enough. Well done for being honest with yourself. It might sound silly, but so many people find it so difficult just to do this.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could walk up to someone, say to them “Please help me save my marriage” and they handed you a key and it was magically fixed? In your case, you have maybe looked online to see if the help is there for you.… Read more

Video: Save My Marriage Today Review

Save My Marriage Today e-courseHave you had enough of people telling you what they think you should do to fix your marriage? Maybe you’ve even had enough of reading things from people like us advising you how to move forward.

Would you like to actually SEE and HEAR a living, breathing person showing you something that could potentially be the answer to all your problems? Something that could enable you to wake up tomorrow morning without the usual feeling of dread, but instead with a feeling of optimism and hope? Something that could help you to inject the passion back into your marriage? Something that could help you to remove the cloud of stress and depression over you and your household?… Read more

How To Fix A Broken Marriage – Is Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today The Solution You Have Been Looking For?

The complete package of this marriage saving product

If you have visited us before, or even if this is your first visit and you had a little browse around before clicking on this article, you’ll have seen us mention and recommend Save My Marriage Today, by acclaimed author and relationship expert Amy Waterman. You might be wondering what exactly it is, and why we recommend it to our visitors. This article is going to explain exactly why! For our full video review, click here – Save My Marriage Today Video Review

Before we get into all the details, you are probably wondering what this product can offer you, and why you should even consider spending money on it.… Read more

Free Marriage Advice Can Be Every Bit As Good As Its Paid Equivalent

Free vs paidIt’s interesting to consider that a fairly large percentage of couples that are going through problems in their marriage either stay stuck in a rut that can last weeks, months and even years, or they book paid counseling sessions. We are certainly not against counseling, we just think it can be an expensive route with no guarantees.

As we’ve mentioned before, the average counseling session in America today costs $95. That is a lot of money to a lot of couples, particularly those with kids.

Our own opinion is that both free and paid advice can be equally effective – it all depends on the couple.… Read more

Should We Consider Marriage Counseling?

Picture of a marriage therapist's office

Many couples that encounter problems in their marriage decide to attend marriage counseling. A professionally trained counselor will encourage each couple to open up, discuss their situation and will offer impartial guidance and encouragement. He or she will make sure the couple each get an opportunity to express themselves and will attempt to ensure the communication between them is positive, constructive and effective.

Ideally, he or she will not need to offer any specific marriage advice. Their ultimate job is to assist and enable the couple to reach compromise and agreement about their future. This future may consist of them staying together, or calling it a day and going their separate ways.… Read more